X-Sheet. screenshot
  • Exposure Sheet driven interface.
  • Save and reload X-sheets.
  • Up to ten levels of drawings.
  • Click and Drag interface to reposition drawings and change their duration.
  • Instant preview of currently selected drawing.
  • Import WAV or MP3 audio files.
  • Waveform display with audio scrubbing and dialog markup.
  • Import previously captured or scanned images in BMP, Jpeg or PNG format.
  • Export as an AVI movie.
  • Adjustable FPS rate (30,24,25,15,12,any).
  • Support for standard NTSC and PAL resolutions.
  • Editable Layer names and colors for clarity.
  • Visibility control for each layer.
  • Open image in external editor from within MonkeyJam.
  • Multi-language support.
Capture. screenshot
  • Capture using Webcam, vfw capture card or firewire.
  • Capture images as BMP, Jpeg or lossless PNG in color or black and white.
  • Automated X-sheet logging.
  • Automated number generation with a choice of Frame or Sequential numbering.
  • Adjustable duration at time of capture.
  • Frame averaging for cameras with fluxuating auto-exposure.
  • Automatically rotate images on capture.
  • Option to adjust for non-square pixels when using a DV camera and aren't playing back to DV tape.
  • Scanner interface with automatic resolution adjustment to match output size.
Preview. screenshot
  • Three methods of compositing to choose from for best results.
  • Preview entire movie or a specific range of frames.
  • Run preview with or without sound, or scrub manually.
  • Preview at different sizes.
  • Forward and Reverse playback.
  • Keyboard and slider control for frame by frame viewing.
  • Save Preview as AVI movie.
StopMotion Mode. screenshot
  • Uses X-Sheet to save and re-open project to continue working.
  • Capture in Color or Black and White.
  • All images saved individually to allow editing of frames in graphics programs.
  • Preview last 24 frames in Capture window.
  • Re-Shoot specific frames.
  • All the advantages of the Xsheet.